With SCRUFFY TO FLUFFY – MOBILE DOG GROOMING  you don't have to leave your dog at the vet or a salon all day anymore.

I will come to you. All I need is access to your driveway to park my salon on wheels, a powerpoint and a garden tap.


The services cover any or all of the following:

Full clips, puppy clips, breed clips

Full clips include everything from nose to tail. Ears are cleaned, toenails trimmed, and for those needing it, the anal glands are cleaned as well. 

For puppies with allergies, I have medical shampoo on board.

Your Dog can have a short haircut, or something more fancy - it's all part of the service.

Puppy clips, proper breed clips - you name it - I will do my best to make you very happy with your dog's appearance.

No job is too big or too small

You may just need a "tidy up" in between haircuts, or a hydrobath and blow dry treatment.  

Worm and flea treatment can be provided at the same time. 
The New Kykylon Dryer shortens the drying time and leaves the coat fluffy. 

I also use a clipper vac which stops the blades from getting hot, and makes the whole process less stressful for your puppy.

Picture gallery with my work

Please take the time to browse through the picture gallery. With my years of experience and  love of dogs  it makes for "Happy Clients" and  "Happy Dogs".